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VIP Club

"Alone we can do a little; TOGETHER we can do a lot!"

Helen Keller – Author, Political Activist and Author 

The VIP Club focuses on people that might want to help Project eFlight with their goals in finding more environmentally sustainable aviation solutions.

It is an exclusive membership opportunity for any non-students, to get involved in this exciting project. This club consists of people interested in the development of sustainable aviation and consists of aviators, engineers, businessmen and women, alumni, parents, and faculty members of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

We are aiming our VIP Club at the many friends, individuals and businesses that are as passionate about aviation and the climate responsibilities, in the hope they might want help us make a difference.

VIP membership Only $100

Project eFlight Club at ERAU

ERAU STUDENTS: If you are a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytone Beach you can join the Project eFlight Club for FREE. Member of the Embry-Riddle Project eFlight Club, can gain first-hand experience and get involved in aspects of development. Those who can commit more time and really get involved, will be able to work on overall implementation, project planning and management, test procedures and execution.

How much or how little you want to be involved is up to you, but we are sure you will benefit from the experience, and we could use your help.

All Embry-Riddle Student can join through the Campus Groups Club Sign Up on the University Student Website or go direct to this link or use the QR Code.

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