Project eFlight

Electric Conversion Kit

"The time is right for electric - in fact the time is critical"

Carlos Ghosn – CEO of Michelin and world renown businessman

It is predicted that by 2050, almost all general aviation markets will be served by battery-electric aircraft. To reach that target without scrapping 150,000 aircraft, we need to convert existing aircraft to electric power.

Project eFlight will offer supplying retrofit electric powertrain conversion kits (via a Supplemental Type Certificate), for the current General Aviation fleet of aircraft.

We will research, test, and assessing every component part to find the best and safest electric motor and battery system; building an electric power train that can be developed to fit any General Aviation aircraft.

The advancement of high-density battery solutions and the optimisation of a high-performance management system in our conversion kits will be part of our success.

Our Battery Thermo/Temperature Control System (or BTMS) will monitor a precision cooling and heating function, maintaining all battery pack temperatures to maximise range and battery.

The pilot will be able to monitor every cell group and switch between battery packs.

The average life cycle of an avgas engine is between 1500 and 2000 hours, or about 8 to 12 years. Replacing an old ICE with our electric power train replacement kit will not give owners 0% tailpipe emissions and the sustainable aviation benefits, but our power trains will also have a 90% reduction in fuel costs over their previous engine and a 50% reduction in maintenance costs. It will also be 66% quieter during take-off & landings.

Notwithstanding the environmental advantages, GA aircraft owners and flight schools will see the benefits of using the $20,000 overhaul costs towards a more durable, cleaner, safer, and less expensive substitute.

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