Project eFlight

Project eFlight

"The way to Electric Flight"

There are more than 340,000 General Aviation aircraft around the world with U.S. pilots operating 204,000 of them, of those 177,000 are piston powered, and 108,000 are avgas (leaded) fuel single engine aircraft.

The electric vehicle revolution is already well underway, with EV sales increasing by well over 50% year on year, but to meet climate goals we need to go further than just switching to electric cars. Part of this transition will and MUST include the replacement or refitting of GA aircraft.

In the same way we have seen the expediential rise in EV car sales, the lower operating costs and almost silent flight will do the same for electric aviation. The overall cost saving of running an electric aircraft, over a 10-year period, is approximately $75,000… plus the feel-good factor.

The first battery-powered aircraft was certified in 2020, and now they are flying in many countries around the world. Our aim is to improve on exiting developments and help revolutionise General Aviation, showing the world the power of electric flight; and becoming an active part of the growing number of forerunners, who are developing sustainable aviation options for the future.

The mission of Project eFlight is to build electric aircraft for the General Aviation and pilot training market, while helping grow sustainable aviation around the world.

Elon Musk Tweet!

In 2020, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, mentioned having a dream for an electric plane, saying that such an aircraft only becomes possible once battery energy density reaches over 400 Wh/kg. He estimated that this milestone in battery technology would be reached within, three to four years.

He was right, here we are in 2023 and battery technology is improving at a rapid pace, with many prototype battery cell manufacturers already claiming to have reached that 400 Wh/kg milestone.

Our Mission

Project eFlight is about supplying retrofit electric powertrain conversion kit (via a Supplemental Type Certificate), for the current General Aviation fleet of aircraft. In addition, and part of the development process, we will offer an electric General Aviation aircraft for the weekend fun flyer and pilot training market.

Our lightweight composite aircraft is called the eFlight ‘MUNDUS’.

These products will show the recreational flyer the benefits and the exciting future of electric flight while also offering considerable cost saving opportunities to the pilot training market.

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